Map Requests

You're always welcome to contact me on Discord or Mastodon and we can discuss what you're looking for and if I'd be capable of building it. Also happy to just give advice on things I know about, like mapping and MediaTracker work.Owned Titles:
TM2020 (Profile) - TM²All (Profile) - TMNF (Profile) - TMUF (Profile)


Mastodon: [email protected]
Discord: Nacho#4763


The Greener Grass Quest



A01 But Done Quick (AGDQ 2022)Rastats2020-MediaTracker
Asia/Oceania Trackmania ChampionshipTMAO2020Twin Turbo-
British Irish Sprint CupDoc, HalfLeft2020FumbleResident Evil
Copa ChilenaNatz2020Mull-
Cornucopia Campaign Competition 2Lentillion2020Sunset Garden-
Easter LOL 2022richarde_e, LOL Collab2020Eggflip-
FinduranceKalwei, Wuffeli2020Wistful Waltz-
MX Valley CupMXTM²VKickdrum, Renegade-
NidhoGG Cup#2lulubTM, NidhoGG2020Solo-
North America Cupeyebo, Rexasaurus2020Photo Finish, Velour-
North America Fun Cupeyebo, Plantathon2020Overdrift-
[PF] Juggernaut WorkoutJuice, TMA2020[PF] Juggernaut WorkoutMediaTracker
Quack Hunt!deadfish2020Quackshot-
Royal RoundsBeu, Timbits2020Aim True, Generic-Brand Royal, Thin Ice-
SpeedRaceChallangeTLB2020Happy Hour-
Squeaky Waferz CupSqueakyDoor, waferZ202030 Minutes, White Noise-
Taipan CircuitFlamyft, TaipanGG2020Revivify, Rosemary-
The Squirrelly RPG HuntSqueakyDoor2020Maple Syrup-
The VillageYorsh202008, 10-
TMOne Alpine Cupeyebo, PlantathonOneChasing Cars-
TMX KnockoutTMX2020Golden Days-
TSS Winter 2022 MappackTSS2020Pea Soup-
Ukraine Charity CampaignJuice, TMA2020Dawn-
WISP CupTeam WISP2020Scratch-
Zachery ShortsSki Freak2020Beetroot-


AmaTur KOAmaterasu, Turbo2020Steady, what is this, why is this-
Asia/Oceania Community CampaignLvyathan, Nacho2020ClutchTrailer
Asia/Oceania Trackmania ChampionshipTMAO2020Chalk-
Christmas Calendar Project 2021 (MX)MXTM²AJolly Hops, Koi Yuki-
Christmas Calendar Project 2021 (TMX)TMX2020You Better Watch Out-
Christmas Race 2021CatoTMNFFruitcake, Pretzel, Tinsel-
Kacky ReloadedKacky Krew2020#143-
KKona CupLentillion2020Cold Feet, Plateau, Sunburn-
Mini Multilap CampaignDoondy2020Broccoli Mini-
MX KnockoutMXTM²AParalysis, Vamos, Verticality-
North America Cupeyebo, Rexasaurus2020Morning Dew, Whip It-
North America Fun Cupeyebo, Plantathon2020Hop Skip Jump-
Royal RoundsBeu, Timbits2020Find The Flow-
ShitfestNsgr2020great pyramid of diza, oh god it doesn't last-
TMX BASCO 2021TMX2020-MediaTracker
TMX KnockoutTMX2020Hopscotch, Iron Oxide, Slip 'n' Grip, Stem-
TMZA Supremacy CupTM South Africa2020Fresh-